Go ahead—ask what your branch can do for you by Tom Vradenburg, Editors Ottawa–Gatineau Past Chair

We’ve made a few changes this year as a result of town hall discussions: an earlier start time, a different venue. It’s time again to check in with our editing community to see how we can help one another.

We’d like to hear your suggestions on what you would like to see from Ottawa–Gatineau speaker nights or seminars, or if you would like entirely new kind of programming. Aside from an (optional) glass of wine, you’ll get bonus marks if you are willing to volunteer some time for it.

Our upcoming speaker night on March 16 is about you speaking and us listening. If it will help the free flow of ideas, there will be wine and cheese. Come and talk to us!

Last year’s meeting yielded some useful changes that we’ve implemented: a different meeting venue, an earlier start time to our meetings, some opportunities to socialize.

Wednesday, March 16, 6:30 p.m.

Good Companions Seniors Centre, 670 Albert Street (at Empress)

Parking: Just behind the building, off Empress Avenue

Free for EAC members, $10 for non-members


One comment

  1. Thanks, Tom. Good idea! This looks like a pleasant and valuable evening.

    I note in the blog posting that the date at the bottom says “March 18” rather than “March 16.”

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